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Check out some of the feedback from past patients detailing how I've helped improve their health and overall lifestyle. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and start your own healing process.

I can most highly recommend Nikki's EFT Practice. Nikki is very professional whist being relaxed and friendly.  I felt comfortable and safe to be very open with her.  She really listened and I felt heard.  She identified the root cause very quickly and worded the affirmation perfectly.  I was so suprised at how quickly it worked as she tapped the points for me.  After a few rounds of tapping, the emotions around the issue completely lost their potency and power.  It worked like magic :)

Nikki also explained and showed me how to tap for myself and helped with wording the affirmations.  I have continued with this, it has been an invaluable tool and far superseded any expectations. 

Nikki has been there for ongoing support and I wouldn't hesitate to book another session with her.

Much gratitude 
Karen xx

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